Podcast Spotlight – 28 November 2022

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In this week’s issue

  • Anchor adds audio enhancements
  • Weird Podcast Stats
  • What do you really need to start a podcast?

Anchor adds audio enhancements

From Podnews


Automated audio quality and editing services are getting more popular. And Anchor has added a feature to polish up your basic audio for release if you record in their app.

While a professional editor will get you a better result, this sort of thing is a great feature for those who lack the funds, and don’t want to spend ages polishing their audio.

Weird Podcast Stats

From Podcast Business Journal


Ever wondered which podcasts are most searched in which US state? Or which words your favourite big time podcaster uses? Probably not, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

From the article:

Key findings

  • The top-three words American podcasters use are “states,” “crazy” and “family.”
  • Liberal podcasters embrace words like “weird,” “different” and “online.”
  • Conservative podcasters favor words like “money,” “president” and “inflation.”
  • Impaulsive with Logan Paul is the most-searched podcast in the U.S. right now and #1 in nine states.

But the specifics are worth checking out.

What do you really need to start a podcast?

From me. 😊 Last week

A lot of people get nervous about podcasting so never start expressing themselves in one of the most easily accessible mediums. Often they don’t even know where to start looking.

But to start you need 3 simple things:

1) Something you’re passionate about

2) A way to record

3) A podcast hosting service

The first is the most important. Podcasting isn’t hard but showing up regularly is critical. And if you’re not passionate about your topic you won’t stick with it.

Second, you probably have a computer or laptop at home, or even a phone. While recording directly into your phone and publishing from there won’t give you the best results it is most important to get started. But there are so many tools available for little to no money to get you started.

Third, a podcast hosting service. You need a place to host your file, and serve the podcast to listeners via a service called RSS. Hosts can be free or paid for as little as $5 a month.

Free is free, and that’s good. 😊 But paid services offer improved support, statistics and compatibility with third party services. But they all offer the same basic function, they host your file, and send it out reliably.

And that’s the basics. Obviously, there are more nuances. But keep these three things in mind and you’ll stay out of the weeds and stress out less.

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