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About Bright Vox Audio

Cartoonified photo of a man. Dave Couto
Owner and editor at Bright Vox Audio
Provider of podcast editing services

Hi, I’m Dave Couto. While Bright Vox Audio as a podcast editing service is a new player in the professional podcast editing space, I’m no stranger to the world of audio.

A music hobbyist since my teens I began a podcast in 2019 with the purpose of helping people sleep. This was Sleepy Time Tales.

I couldn’t afford to invest in any specialized gear when I started. I had to start with a rubbish gaming headset to reach my audience. But what I could do, was put in the effort to get the sub-standard recordings into the best state I could. And despite the limitations grew my audience.

As time’s gone by I’ve researched cost effective tools and equipment to improve my recordings and clean up the results. Figuring out the best ways to improve my listener’s experiences without breaking the bank.

And after 3 years this is where I am now. I am producing my show that has over 500k downloads with very cost effective equipment. I’ve done the research, and I can do the work to polish your audio to the highest standard through my podcast editing service.

And I make the best recommendations to help you do great work. I won’t recommend that you spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary gear. I can point to the most cost effective ways to achieve your results, and provide an excellent value service without cutting corners.