Sharing your Passion in a Podcast

Many people would love to share their passions and knowledge with the world through a podcast. But for many what seems like the difficulty of being your own podcast editor; the technical aspects of producing and editing a great show, seems overwhelming. It seems either complicated, time consuming, or boring.

After all, if you want to get on a mic and share what makes you excited, spending hours on podcast editing for yourself can kill that passion. But hiring a professional seems like it won’t be affordable.

Professional, Cost-Effective Podcast Editor

Dave Couto - Bright Vox Owner and Podcast Editor.
White male with close cropped dark hair, small framed eyeglasses. Slightly awkward smile, what can I say? I don't like photos.

Hi, I’m Dave. Owner and Editor at Bright Vox Audio

I’ve been a music and production hobbyist since 1999 and started my own podcast Sleepy Time Tales in 2019.

My passion is making you sound as good as possible. I will work to give you radio quality audio and allow you to focus on the things you love, and share them with the world.

I will edit, mix and produce your product to the highest possible standard. As well as help you get set up for success by consulting regarding your needs for recording equipment, and the environment to work in. I focus strongly on accessibility and affordability.

If you’re not sure if you need an editor, or even need some technical advice, set up a free consultation to assess your needs.

A Passion for Podcasting

Bright Vox Audio has grown out of a personal passion project, Sleepy Time Tales, a podcast I launched in 2019 to help people to sleep. While working on a shoestring budget I learned many methods to get my audio into a decent state.

I started with a really horrible gaming headset and worked hard to get the show as pleasant to listen to as possible.

And over time my skills and equipment have improved to the point that the show is as good as any other sleep podcast out there.

Latest from our Blog

Why Start a Podcast?

Do you listen to podcasts yourself? If so, you will be familiar with the sense that the folks you spend so much time listening to every week are people you have got to know over time. You’re not really friends obviously, but you know what they like, what they believe, their values, maybe a bit about their families.

And for the canny marketer or businessperson this has obvious value.

While great advertising copy, and inspirational social media posts can get you in front of customers or an audience, what really creates loyalty is the sense of connection that people can develop with you.

And podcasting is a pretty easy way to create that connection with an audience. By getting on a mic for 30 to 60 minutes a week you can allow people to get to know you. You can demonstrate who you are as a person, as someone people would like to spend time with, and someone they would like to do business with.

What does a podcast editor do?

The Basics of a Podcast Editor

The word ‘editor’ can mean many things. But in the context of a freelance podcast editor, what that means is I will take your raw audio, clean up issues in the recordings, even out levels between the speakers, and present you, the podcaster, with a polished, publication ready episode.

Is that all?

Not at all, an editor can be so much more. If you develop a trusting relationship a podcast editor can do so much more for you than simple technical edits. They can become a part of your creative team, and help you to develop and express your voice in ways you may not have expected.

Do you need an editor for your podcast

Isn’t ‘content king’

There is a school of thought among some podcasters that it isn’t necessary to have audio editor for podcast success. They believe that ‘content is king’ and that what they have to say is interesting enough that listeners will come even if the quality isn’t great. They will record themselves while driving, or on their iPhone on speaker on their kitchen table and share that with the world.

But these people are competing in the space with many professionals and celebrities with the funding to put out professional, polished shows.

What is ‘content’ anyway

Here at Bright Vox Audio we believe that quality is just as much a part of the content as the facts and passions that you have to share. After all, if you have all the necessary ingredients to make a great meal, nobody will eat them unless they’re at least palatable. And the more delicious the meal, the more likely people are to eat it and share it with others.

So to us, the quality of the content is just as much a part of it as the information you’re trying to share.

So even if you don’t hire a podcast editor, it’s in your own interest do so some basic editing.