Podcast Spotlight – 2 May 2023

This week:

·        How marketable is your show?

·        YouTube Podcasts are launched

·        Spotify Podcast Ad revenue is up, but lower than expectations, CEO promises to stop overpaying for podcasts

·        Get in touch for your podcasting needs

How marketable is your show?

From Podcast Marketing Magic

Lauren Passell

What can you do to make sure that your podcast is marketable? Quality and an attention grabbing topic, and distinct branding can help. But those are not all. The super stars over at Podcast Marketing Magic have far more details for you to consider to make your show as enticing and marketable as possible. Go take a look.


YouTube Podcasts are launched


Via Podnews

Currently only available to listeners in the US, but YouTube is promising global rollout of podcasts on YouTube music soon.

I wasn’t sure how to treat my show with over 200 epsiodes already on YouTube, but it’s easy enough to make a new or existing playlist and set it up as a podcast to get served to YouTube Music listeners.

Instructions here.

Spotify Podcast Ad revenue is up, but lower than expectations, CEO promises to stop overpaying for podcasts

From Hot PodsAmrita Khalid

I’ve been beating the drum for months that Spotify was careless with their acquisitions over the last few years and workers and listeners have been paying the price since late last year as they have been dropping their exclusive shows.

It seems Daniel Eck has learned his lesson and promises diligence with future content deals.

While I’m not a fan of Spotify they are a huge player in the space and can help drive growth, if they’re smart.

This leaves a big question mark about their deal with Joe Rogan which is up for renewal this year. There’s no way the deal has lead to profit for Spotify, but maybe the cache is worth the impact on their cash-flow?

Get in touch for your podcasting needs

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