October 2022

Podcast Bulletin 04: 26 Oct 2022

There are millions of podcasts, what’s the point of even getting started? This week’s news and ruminations ·        How many podcasts are you actually competing with? ·        More people listen to audio on phones than radios ·        I talked on LinkedIn last week about good and bad reasons to start a podcast How many podcasts are you actually … Read more

3 reasons to start a podcast!

2 good, 1 bad 1) For fun (good) Perfectly valid if you and your friends have a topic you enjoy talking about and you’d like to share that passion. Do what you love, have reasonable expectations and you will have a great hobby. 2) To Make Money (bad, mostly) On its own your podcast is … Read more

Bright Vox Podcast News Bulletin

In this issue The Human Cost of Spotify Exclusivity Do People Listen to Ads? Listening to podcasts together. And what it means for podcasts and their advertisers. The Human Cost of Spotify Exclusivity From Hot Pod https://www.theverge.com/2022/10/12/23399627/spotify-gimlet-parcast-spotify-layoffs-rogan-exclusive-markle-ringer Spotify is in the news a lot because they are by far the biggest spender in podcasting. But … Read more

Last Week in Podcasting – Podcasting News and Tips

In today’s podcasting news and tips: ·        Spotify cutting original podcasts ·        Spotify releases podcast listener data ·        How long should your podcast episode be? Spotify cuts 11 original shows From Hot Pod https://www.theverge.com/2022/10/6/23391415/spotify-gimlet-and-parcast-layoff-canceled Spotify has bet aggressively on podcasting as a growth strategy and some of those bets seem to be coming due. Two of the formerly independent … Read more

Fun technical challenge for a podcast editor

Interesting technical challenge from a pod-friend Obviously, one edits with their ears, but a spectrograph can be enlightening. A friend has been struggling with their audio quality as they embark on an exciting new project. They sent me a file which had a bizarre high frequency hum and on inspection in RX looked like this. … Read more