Podcast Spotlight – 21 March 2023

This week:

·        Your Podcast Trailer, why you need one, and how to make a good one.

·        NPR and Spotify form partnership

·        5 reasons audio is better than video

Your Podcast Trailer, why you need one, and how to make a good one.

From Podcast Marketing Magic – Shreya Sharma (she/her) and Lauren Passell

How (and why) to make an unforgettable podcast trailer (substack.com)

I extoll the virtues of this newsletter every few weeks, and I’m doing it again today. I wrote recently that a significant proportion of the shows charting in Apple and Spotify have trailers, and Shreya and Lauren have so good advice on how to do one well.

The trailer is as important to your podcast and sharing what the show is about as a movie trailer is, so it’s worth taking seriously.

NPR and Spotify form partnership

Via Podnews

Spotify & NPR forge a new partnership focused on diversification and discoverability | Megaphone by Spotify

Despite their knocks taken from over-investing in podcasting Spotify are not giving up on the space. But they seem to be exploring smart partnerships rather than throwing unrealistic amounts of money at big names.

NPR are moving their top-tier content over to Spotify’s own Megaphone platform and leveraging Spotify’s discovery tools and the two companies are going to be supporting each other’s strengths to grow advertising revenue.

As long as they don’t go Spotify exclusive and lose the majority of their audience, this seems to be a smart play.

5 reasons audio is better than video

Via Podcast Business Journal

Audio vs Video – 5 reasons audio is better than video (writtenandrecorded.com)

The internet is afflicted once again by a call to change all content to video and the push to video podcasts is insistent and hard to resist. But it’s been my contention that audio is superior to video for most podcasts and that until actual working self-driving cars, and robots to do all of your household chores exist then audio will be the medium of choice for most consumers.

And according to some studies collected by Written and Recorded, the science is in that audio really is scientifically better in many cases. So take a look.

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