Podcast Spotlight – 14 March 2023

This week:

·        Anchor is gone, but it’s not bad news.

·        RSS.com offering automated transcription service

·        Podcast Academy Crowns 2023 Winners

·        Let Me Bring Your Podcast To Life

Anchor is gone, but it’s not bad news.

From Spotify

Introducing the new Spotify for Podcasters

Judging by some of the reactions I’ve seen online not everyone knew that Anchor is/was a division of Spotify, but they’ll know now because the Anchor.fm brand is no more. I’ve been expecting this to happen for years as my perspective on Anchor is that it was a cheap content mill for Spotify and they have tightened the apparent relationship.

I haven’t seen any changes in the service so far, but Spotify is promising big things.

I’m not personally a big fan of free hosting as free hosts go out of business frequently, but Anchor, now Spotify, is the one I’ve recommended to clients because it should be fairly safe.

RSS.com offering automated transcription service

From Podnews

RSS.com Releases Free Episode Transcripts Feature (podnews.net)

Transcriptions are important to podcasts for accessibility reasons. So they are becoming more common, and RSS.com has made it easier for their clients.

I’ve never found an automated transcription tool that can understand more than 90% of my accent, but I’m hoping this works out well and is the first of the major hosts to offer this service.

Podcast Academy Crowns 2023 Winners

Podcast Academy Crowns 2023 Winners – Podcast Business Journal

From Podcast Business Journal

In time for the actual Oscars, the Podcast Academy has crowned the winners of the ‘Oscars of Podcasting’ and there are some interesting shows to check out if you’re looking for something new.

The podcast of the year Chameleon: Wild Boys especially looks fascinating.

Chameleon: Wild Boys — Campside Media

Let Me Bring Your Podcast To Life

Bright Vox Audio Home

In the last week I have helped several busy professionals launch their podcasts they are using to build their brands.

So if you’d like to take advantage of this exciting medium for the same purpose, but you don’t have the time, get in touch.


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