Podcast Spotlight – 28 March 2023

This week

·        10 women in podcasting you need to hear from

·        Podcast network Maximum Fun is becoming a worker-owned co-op

·        Is podcasting the right tool to grow your brand?

10 women in podcasting you need to hear from

From Podcast Marketing Magic Shreya Sharma (she/her) Lauren Passell


Real gold nuggets in the excellent Podcast Marketing Magic newsletter once again. This week they speak to 10 women in podcasting for their advice on how to grow and market your podcast. And a lot of it is not the usual advice you get, but most is logical and actionable. So take a look and subscribe if you haven’t already.

Podcast network Maximum Fun is becoming a worker-owned co-op

Via Podnews


This is a really fascinating story. Jesse Thorn founded Maximum fun nearly 2 decades ago but the pressures of running the network have become too much to maintain. So Jesse decided to sell.

And rather than selling to some vulture organisation that would lay off a chunk of the staff within a few month, he sold the network to that staff. All full-time maximum fun employees are eligible to buy in and the process has been done in consultation with organisations that specialise in facilitating worker takeovers of companies.

Thorn remains with Max Fun as a worker-owner, the host of his own podcast and a non-voting board member.

Is podcasting the right tool to grow your brand?

Customers have always liked dealing with businesses in which they feel connected with the people behind the business.

Whether it’s a family name on a auto-dealership or the owner of the restaurant coming to see how you’ve enjoyed the meal, knowing that there are real people behind the business name reassures customers that they are in good hands.

And now it’s possible to put yourself out there, to reassure customers around the world that they are in good hands and letting them get to know you.

If you would like to step up and become the face of your brand, or become your own brand and personality, there is very little more powerful than taking some time every week to speak to potential customers.

And since you’re a busy professional, you don’t have the time for all the small details to podcast right.

So mail me at dave@brightvoxaudio.com check out my site at brightvoxaudio.com or DM me at LinkedIn, and let’s see how I can help you.

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