Podcast Spotlight – 24 January 2023

This week:

New Podcast Launches have dropped significantly over 2021 and 2022

From Hot Pods – Ariel Shapiro

New podcast creation has fallen off a cliff – The Verge

It’s probably not surprising that podcast launches peaked in 2020 when almost everyone on earth was sitting at home, but new podcast launches have dropped precipitously since those highs. In fact launches in 2022 were even lower than 2019.

Some are seeing this as a negative, but I believe this is a much needed correction in the space. And that opportunities still exist for independents who are willing to produce quality content and serve their audiences.

When to spend your money on promotion (and when not to)

From Podcast Marketing Magic – Shreya Sharma – Lauren Passell

💰How to spend your money, honey (substack.com)

You may have heard that it’s important to spend as much time promoting your podcast as it is to spend making it? And maybe you’re considering paying for advertising for your show?

First off, make sure your offering is high quality. Spending the time promoting your podcast, or even worse spending money, is pointless if your quality is substandard.

Anyone who has owned a business knows that repeat business and word of mouth are the best way to grow. Promoting something people won’t listen, or recommend, to is a waste.

But when it’s time to spend your money, Shreya and Lauren have advice for where that spend should go.

What is Loudness?

What is Loudness? – Sonarworks Blog

Getting back to my technical terms for beginners series, this week I’m going to talk ‘Loudness.’

You may want to respond with, “Don’t you mean volume?” but no, not quite.

Loudness is commonly confused with volume. The two terms, however, are entirely different concepts. Volume is a scientific measurement of the quantity or power of a sound. Loudness, on the other hand, is much more difficult to quantify as it is completely subjective and based entirely on your personal perception of soundThe frequency content, duration, and volume of a sound are all factors in how we perceive its loudness.

Loudness is a psychoacoustic property of audio and it’s how a listener perceives the audio. It’s quite important that podcasts are produced to a consistent loudness standard so that listeners don’t need to surf the volume control like their watching a Christopher Nolan movie.

I’ll go into more detail later this week.

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