Podcast Spotlight – 2 January 2023

This week

·        Starting Your Podcast in 2023

·        Transcription Services Compared

·        The Financial Outlook for Podcasting Not Looking Great for 2023

·        Podcast Marketing for 2023

Starting Your Podcast in 2023

My books are filling up with people stepping up their marketing game for 2023 by starting a podcast. And I have limited slots available at my start-up pricing.

Lock in the current prices by getting in touch as soon as possible. My services run from basic editing to full turnkey podcast setup and publication so there’s a package I can put together for your needs, whatever they are.

Transcription Services Compared

From Podnews – James Cridland

Finding The Right Transcription Service | Making Creativity Pay (podpage.com)

As an audio medium it’s important for podcasters to consider the importance of accessibility. Making your show accessible to people who struggle to hear is the right thing to do, but can be expensive to do well.

Podpage has examined 15 different transcription services to consider.

The Financial Outlook for Podcasting Not Looking Great for 2023

From Hot Pod – Ariel Shapiro

Podcasting could be in for a rocky 2023 – The Verge

After a bumper few years economic and social uncertainty is starting to reach the podcasting space and the growth of the industry is starting to slow.

If the global economy avoids major downturns then the industry and advertising income will continue to grow steadily but slowly. If things take a bad road, the industry will contract economically.

If you’re hoping to earn your living from your podcast, it may be a tough time. But if it’s part of your comprehensive marketing plan, then the audience is still there for you.

Podcast Marketing for 2023

From Podcast Marketing Magic – Lauren Passell – Arielle Nissenblatt

There’s a lot of very old-fashioned marketing advice out there, and a lot of it doesn’t apply to podcasting at all. So check out this advice to help your podcast reach the widest audience possible.

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