Podcast Spotlight – 7 March 2023

This week:

·        Podcasts are back!?

·        Brand Building with Your Podcast

Podcasts are back!?

From Podcast Business Journal – Infinite Dial 2023: “Podcasts Are Back” – Podcast Business Journal

Slightly surprising news to those of us who never knew that podcasting went away! But podcasts are back.

I’m being flip of course.

I’ve spoken before about a lot of the chatter around podcasts claiming the death of the medium being a load of rubbish. A shifting marketplace, venture capitalists and media companies looking for the next big thing cottoned on to podcasting in 2020 and drove an unsustainable goldrush which is now over.

And as companies are moving back to working in offices commutes are back, so according to the latest Infinite Dial study more people than ever are now listening to online audio than ever before, including podcasts.

And with commutes back the importance of audio is once again being highlighted.

So that pivot to video the ‘experts’ are pushing? Until Tesla’s full self-driving and similar stop causing massive accidents drivers still need to keep their eyes on the road.

Brand Building with Your Podcast

I have some very exciting podcast clients at the moment. Most of them are busy professional women without the time to dither with technical nonsense, so I’m helping them out to get them running.

And the shows themselves are exciting. They are all leveraging their networks and experiences to have the most amazing conversations with the aim up upliftment, while building their personal brands to reach new audiences.

When people hear these conversations I don’t doubt that these women are going to see great success. Watch this space as I start to share these podcasts as they go live.

And if you have fascinating people to talk to and you’d like to share those conversations, get in touch. 😊


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