Podcast Spotlight – 28 February

I missed last week due to work commitments, so we have a bumper one this week.

This week:

·        Podcast Marketing Wisdom from Jordan Harbinger

·        Podcasting on YouTube? What’s all that about?

·        Another Spotify Exec is out

·        All the Bad News is Good News

·        Is Podcasting a Suitable Way to Market Your Business?

Podcast Marketing Wisdom from Jordan Harbinger

💡 At least 18 podcast marketing tips from Jordan Harbinger 💡 (substack.com) from Lauren Passell

If you’re not yet subscribed to Lauren’s Newsletter. Now is the time to fix that.

She interviewed legendary podcaster Jordan Harbinger about the best and worst ways to market your podcast. It’s a great, freewheeling interview so it’s an essential read. But I give you these two takeaways.

Bad Marketing= Social Media

Good Marketing= Promo Swaps

So check out the interview and learn more.

Podcasting on YouTube? What’s all that about?

YouTube Music to get podcasts (in US) (podnews.net)

From Podnews – James Cridland

Google is a confusing company. They stick their fingers into all sorts of pies without any apparent plan and start and drop projects and services willy-nilly.

Podcasts are already on YouTube after all, as video. Google Podcasts has had no updates for over a year, and the Podcasts Carousel on Google search has disappeared.

But YouTube is integrating RSS into the YouTube Music service, so that’s another potential market for your show.

If you’re in the USA. Because they’re not rolling it out globally. Weird.

More details over at PodNews, scroll down a way to get to the story.

Another Spotify Exec is out

Spotify Official Overseeing Rogan, Podcast Deals to Exit Company – BNN Bloomberg

Via Podnews

Another week beginning with Monday means another high-level exec at Spotify gets the boot. Sorry, ‘moves on to new opportunities.’

Max Cutler; head of Parcast when the network was acquired by Spotify. Who then moved up the ranks at the Swedish streaming giant, has moved on. Cutler was a major driver of the Joe Rogan deal and many of Spotify’s other expensive experiments. And I think it’s telling that it’s been announced that he hasn’t been replaced.

Spotify gives me a lot to talk about in this newsletter, but it’s clear, and admitted, that much of their podcast spending was ill-considered. I look forward to seeing what Spotify does on a more sensible path to content production.

All the Bad News is Good News

This Bad News is Good – Podcast Business Journal

From Podcast Business Journal – Matty Staudt

This piece reflects a lot of my opinions of the current state of podcasting.

If you don’t know a lot about podcasting you may be forgiven for thinking that the space is in trouble as all the legacy media outlets have been wailing and gnashing their teeth at the high-profile failures of various expensive projects and well known people getting out of the space.

But for those of in really immersed in the field this is mostly good news. Early successes by large companies and the pandemic drove a gold-rush into the space and completely warped the discussion and perceptions of podcasting.

MBA brained venture capitalists and wannabee robber barons moved into a medium they didn’t understand thinking they could buy massive growth like the early days of crypto. But podcasting is a mature space, growing strongly and consistently and slowly becoming more mainstream.

The space doesn’t need the same people who pushed crypto, NFTs and now AI and video podcasting to drive the medium.

It’s a medium that rewards patience and passion from people who understand what is needed. A view I hold, and a view advanced by Staudt in this excellent thinkpiece.

Is Podcasting a Suitable Way to Market Your Business?

Podcasting probably won’t make you rich. It probably won’t make you famous. But that doiesn’t mean it’s not a viable marketing channel for you to grow your business, or develop your personal brand.

Now more than ever consumers like to connect to the folks behind the businesses they use, and podcasting is a great and easy way to do that. If you have an expert to do the heavy lifting.

You’re too busy to do all the technical nonsense, but you really should be creating connections with your audience. So let me help

Mail me at dave@brightvoxaudio.com or pop me a DM on LinkedIn and let’s see how we can get you speaking to your people.

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