3 reasons to start a podcast!

3 reasons to start a podcast.

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2 good, 1 bad

1) For fun (good)

Perfectly valid if you and your friends have a topic you enjoy talking about and you’d like to share that passion. Do what you love, have reasonable expectations and you will have a great hobby.

2) To Make Money (bad, mostly)

On its own your podcast is unlikely to make you much, if any, money. Advertisers want thousands of downloads per episode in the first 30 days. And if you do get an advertiser that pays you, it’s in the region of $20 per thousand downloads. It’s probably one of the weaker reasons to start a podcast

You can use crowdfunding sources like Patreon, but a fraction of a percent of your listeners will sign up. Affiliate marketing can also get a small income stream going.

On its own a podcast won’t support you financially. But if it is part of a holistic marketing plan, it can help you to….

3) Grow Your Brand (very good)

If you are a public facing person in your business, or an entrepreneur, then growing your personal brand is an important way to show you’re someone worth doing business with, buying from, or supporting.

And podcasts are great for this.

Podcasters have very loyal and supportive audiences who evangelise them to everybody.

The podcaster is a weekly visitor to their home, car or workplace. They get to know some aspects of the podcaster as a person, what type of person they are and what their values are. This makes it one of the best reasons to start a podcast.

And while not every listener is going to be a customer, they are primed to support what you do. To buy what you’re selling and/or tell other people about it.

And you can do this through a 30–60-minute conversation every week with a friend or peer. So mutually supporting each other too.

And if you don’t have the time to do the editing, post-production and setup. A very cost-effective editor/post-producer like myself is here to help. 🙂

So, send me a message or email dave@brightvoxaudio.com to setup a free consultation about your aims and needs.

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