Podcast Spotlight – 7 February 2023

This week:

Libsyn Announces Partnership with YouTube

From Podcast Business Journal

We hear a lot how video is the future of podcasting. Not something I necessarily agree with, but Libsyn, the oldest of the podcast hosts, and my host of choice, is integrating its Advertisecast advertising platform with YouTube to give integrated access to listener/viewer data.

Did Spotify screw up? ‘No… and yes,’ says its CEO

From Hot Pod

Spotify had a great year in 2022 in terms of revenue and growth, but this didn’t prevent them from making significant layoffs and cutting many of the shows they invested in previously.

CEO Daniel Ek believes that many of the investments they made contributed to their revue climbing, but maybe there should have been more circumspection in an uncertain climate.

Podcast Academy Announces Ambie Nominees

From Podcast Business Journal

The Ambies are the Podcast Academy’s annual awards for excellence in podcasting. They released the list of nominees last week. A lot of great shows, including many independents. If you’re looking for something to listen to, take a look at the lists.

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