Podcast Spotlight – 12 December 2022

This week:

·        Launch your podcast now and get a running start into 2023

·        Spotify’s 2022 Podcast Trends Report

·        Sounds Profitable’s Safe and Sound Report about offensive and harmful content

·        Spotify Wrapped

Launch your podcast now and get a running start into 2023

Podcasts are a growing medium and a great way to reinforce your brand. And if your New Year’s resolution is to take control of your brand building in 2023, let’s start your year off right.

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Spotify’s 2022 Podcast Trends Report

2022 Podcast Trends Report | Megaphone by Spotify

Thanks to Podnews

Spotify as always is in the news for a couple of reasons. This one is very interesting. 2022 has seen increased diversity in the listenership as it has grown in Southern Europe and the audiences have diversified.

The details are interesting, definitely take a look, but the bullet points are:

1.      Podcast listening skyrockets in Southern Europe.

2.      The core demo of podcast listeners expands.

3.      Listeners turn to podcasts in their quest towards physical and mental health.

4.      As podcast audiences evolve, so too are the ways of listening (or co-listening).

5.      New advertiser categories help to drive increased investment in the podcast space.

6.      Podcast publishers see the power of cross-promotion in audience development.

Sounds Profitable’s Safe and Sound Report about offensive and harmful content

Safe and Sound, from Sounds Profitable

Thanks to Podnews

An interesting, if long, video about brand safety and advertisers being associated with ‘offensive’ content. In short, stay away from racism as most people won’t listen to that. And audiences will self-select to stay away from offensive content.

A majority of people won’t conflate the advertiser with support for the offensive material. But a significant minority will.

And I need to make a little side bar…

*climbs on soapbox*

I say ‘offensive’ above because I find the term pretty useless. Offense and harm are often conflated to minimise the real harms that language and speech can cause.

For example. People can be offended by trans inclusive language, but transphobic language is actually harmful. And conflating those two things is a major cause of real social harm and helps cover for bigotry against marginalised communities.

So, let’s move away from using the term ‘offensive’ for real harm in 2023. Please?

*steps off soapbox*

Spotify Wrapped

Your guide to 2022 Podcaster Wrapped – News – Spotify for Podcasters

Thanks to Podcast Business Journal

The last few weeks have seen Spotify’s Wrapped and similar doing the rounds of social media. It’s a pretty cool way to take a look at how your podcast has impacted listeners, on Spotify naturally. Mine is unfortunately useless because my podcast is on Spotify twice because I’m an idiot so all my stats are split.

So kids, follow instructions when you register your podcast and learn how your audience relates to your content. 😊

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