Last Week in Podcasting

iHeart Fraud The big news that shook the podcasting industry last week was learning that iHeart, one of the biggest companies in the podcasting and radio space, has been inflating download numbers by embedding podcast episodes into phone game ads. Link to the always excellent Podnews Coverage here. Shout out to James Cridland. Long story short, by embedding the … Read more

Appreciating Small Freedoms

I went with my wife and daughter to the zoo on Sunday… Not a particularly interesting thing to say, I’m sure most people go to the zoo on Sundays, but this is remarkable for me. Up till the end of July this year I’ve been in the hospitality business since early 1998, with a few … Read more

Is Podcast Editing Necessary in 2022

The purpose of podcast editing If you go online, mostly in Facebook groups about podcasting, you will occasionally find the sentiment expressed that editing a show is inauthentic or not worth their time. Of course you may say to me, ‘Dave, you are a podcast editor, you’re biased’ and that’s a fair point, but the … Read more